Thinking About Marriage?

Marriage or Holy Matrimony is a beautiful Sacrament which lifts up a man and a woman in love and unites them in the eternal love of God and makes them something much greater than they could ever be on their own. That unity is an indestructible bond (what could possibly overcome the love of God?) and a sign to all of us on earth of the love that IS God, and the love Christ has for us in His Church. Marriage gives couples the grace to love each other with the love of the Trinity shown through Christ's cross and resurrection.

We at the Roman Catholic Community of Attleboro are happy to help you get ready for Marriage in any way we can. Here are some essentials you need to know:

Contact Information:

Renee DePietro
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (508) 222-1206 Fax: (508) 226-6461
Mailing Address: One Saint John Place, Attleboro, Massachusetts, 02703


Please allow sufficient time to do the wedding preparation. Eight to ten months is ideal, as preparations are most fruitful when they are not rushed.


Wedding Masses and services may be scheduled any day of the week, but on a Saturday 10AM-2PM or 5:30PM. Sunday Weddings may occur after Sunday Masses or Baptisms.


Catholics are asked to provide a signed copy of their Long Form baptismal certificate dated within the last 6 months. Non-Catholics, who have been baptized, are asked to provide a photocopy of their baptismal certificate.


Traditionally, wedding flowers remain in the church after the ceremony, with the exception of pew bows or other pew decorations.

Please confirm with St. John’s prior to scheduling your florist for decorating for your wedding; as they may be a Mass or other service on the same day prior to your wedding. If you choose to use the 2 blue vases belonging to the church, ask your florist to use a “6R paper-mache liner” in each vase.

You may decorate the pews with bows, flowers, etc. However, kindly do not use tape.

We do not have a custodian present on the weekends. Therefore, please arrange for someone to remove the pew bows and wedding programs. For cleanliness and safety, we do not allow rice, bird seed, flower petals, confetti, sand, pets, aisle runners, or unity candles. Thanks for your cooperation!


Your photographer and/or videographer are welcome to be present throughout the ceremony, however, he/she may not stand in the sanctuary or interrupt the natural flow of the Mass or service.

Non-Flash photos are preferred. Supplemental lighting is not permitted.

Following the ceremony, photography is permitted in the church for approximately 30 minutes after the Mass or service. Photos are also permitted on the church grounds.

If you photographer has any concerns, he/she may speak with the celebrant prior to the Mass or service.


You are both required to apply in person to ANY town or city hall in Massachusetts. The license is valid for sixty days. There is a 3-day waiting period before the license can be issued, please plan accordingly. If you are having an out-of-state priest or deacon officiate, they must obtain a “commission” from the Massachusetts Secretary of State prior to the ceremony. Division of Pubic Records (617) 727-2936


All couples are asked to attend a day long retreat for engaged couples known as Pre-Cana. A variety of dates and locations are available, please register online at your earliest convenience. Please provide a certificate of completion of this program to the office as soon as you receive it.

This can be arranged by visiting one of the following websites:


The publication, TOGETHER FOR LIFE, contains readings and prayer options and is available here at the parish. You are encouraged to have family and friends participate by doing readings, presenting the offertory gifts, etc. Please provide the selection form (located in the back of the Together for Life book) the week prior to you wedding date to the parish office.


The date and time of the rehearsal may be arranged after your initial meeting by calling the parish office at (508) 222-1206 as soon as possible.


  • Please be on time
  • Decide who will seat the mother and father of the groom; and mother of the bride
  • Give some thought as to how your attendants will be coupled and how they will walk down the aisle


The suggested donation to the parish is $350.00 (this includes a stipend to our rehearsal coordinator and gratuities to Altar Servers, if you have a Mass).

The donation does not include a stipend for the priest or deacon. If you choose to do so, kindly please a separate donation in an envelope at the time of the wedding. Thank you!


Please consider receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) prior to your wedding. This sacrament will allow you to review your past as a single person and reflect on the new opportunities your married life will give you to know, love and serve the Lord as a couple. The sacrament is available here prior to the Saturday vigil Mass or by appointment.


You will receive 1 marriage certificate. You will not receive a copy of the marriage license unless pre-arranged with the city or town hall.