Encuentro de Jóvenes y Padres - 7 Agosto 2021

Screen Shot 2021 07 01 At 4.27.38 PmEstán invitados a una actividad Diocesana para los jóvenes y jóvenes adultos, con la asistencia de los padres de los menores y de grados intermedios. Adjunto van los dos volantes para seguirla anunciando y promoviendo.

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Church Re-opening!

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St. John's and St. Vincent's Parishes will follow the new guidelines that the Diocese of Fall River has posted for the "re-opening" of churches in the Diocese on May 29, 2021.  Although we have been open and operating since last Pentecost, we can now truly celebrate that our parishes are moving forward beyond pandemic mode!

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Sunday Mass Obligation ~ June 20, 2021

Bishop Edgar M. da Cunha, S.D.V., has issued a letter announcing that the Fall River Diocese will be among several dioceses in the region to lift the general dispensation from the obligation of Catholics to attend Mass on Sunday and Holy Days, beginning the weekend of June 19 and 20. The dispensation was put in place in March 2020 at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic.


Year of St. Joseph


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The Holy Father, Pope Francis, has named this year in honor of St. Joseph. Join us as we ask for St. Joseph's intercession for our parish family!

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Synod Shake-up

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The next synod of bishops gathering in Rome has been postponed until 2023 so that an unprecedented consultation of Catholics can take place in advance. 

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